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Joshua Taback

I have been a professional animation artist for many years. During that time I have trained many people including myself!

My lessons are personalized for the individual to bring out the artist that they are. Everyone learns in their own way. I make a point to communicate in the way YOU need to hear it.

My focus is primarily on drawing. There are many choices of artistic fields; drawing is the universal language in all of them, and I want you to be able to do whatever it is you are tasked to do. A good foundation in solid drawing skills is key to being a flexible and reliable artist.

I provide customized drawing and animation lessons based on your specific needs, strengths/weaknesses, and interests. Among the topics I offer are as follows:

  • Basic fundamentals

  • Gesture

  • Construction

  • Perspective

  • Design

  • Animation

  • Storyboarding

  • Creating a "Pitch Pack"

  • Career counseling

  • Storyboard Pro (software)

  • Photoshop (software)

I love the magic of drawing and creating something that exists out of nothing. When all of the things we know come together to give "The Illusion of Life" it's amazing. Seeing someone discover their own abilities is exciting. Being part of that journey with them is very special.